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5 Ways a Dog Can Help You Recover from Alcohol Addiction

Published November 3, 2016 in Alcoholism , Pets , Recovery - 0 Comments

Recovering from an addiction is not just about getting sober. It’s also about reclaiming your life and relearning how to live without the aid of alcohol. Some people manage to accomplish this task on their own, some with the support of loved ones, and some with the unwavering assistance of a canine companion. If you […]

Using Faith to Deal with Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Mental Illness

Published October 11, 2016 in Alcoholism , Christianity - 0 Comments

For families dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental illness, it can feel like nothing is going to work and the situation is hopeless. Many alcoholics, addicts, and individuals suffering from mental illness face relapses. Families often feel like they are alone in dealing with the reality of having an addicted and mentally ill loved […]