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July 2019 Newsletter – California Council on Alcohol Problems News and Education

July 2019 Newsletter

Rev. James Butler

Something to Do on Your Summer Vacation

On July 12, the California Legislature began its Summer Recess.   For many, this means that their local offices will not only be open, but the Assembly members and State Senators may be scheduling times to meet with constituents.

This, of course, it a great opportunity to both meet your representatives and share concerns you have with them.  I hope that among the concerns you will share include the actions being taken regarding alcohol, especially SB 58. This bill will allow ten selected areas (which will impact about 75% of the population of our state) to extend serving alcohol from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Although testimony and evidence were presented that shows this will both increase the danger of Drunk Driving Crashes and will cost the state billions of dollars over any economic benefit that can be derived, this bill continues to be supported by the committees considering it.

The next committee before which it will appear is the Senate Appropriations Committee. This committee will more closely consider the “cost/benefit” analysis to the state. If it passes this committee (hard to believe, but it might) it will go to the entire body of the Assembly and Senate, where your representatives will vote on it.

That is why there is value in raising your concerns now.

Although Summer is a wonderful time to vacation, it is also a time to renew efforts to ask those who represent us in Sacramento to put the people of our state above the possible profits of those who will benefit from the increase in alcohol sales. Help remind them that people matter more than profits!

Rev. James Butler

Finding your Representatives

It is easy to find the name, office addresses (local and Sacramento), and phone numbers of your State Assembly Member and State Senator.

Go to web site (type in link http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/ ) and follow the prompts for your address.

Then click on the names of your representative for their site and the information you need (usually bottom of page)

Reduce Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)?
No Debate, No Vote

When the 2019-2020 Legislative Session began, one party had a 2/3 majority (called a super majority) of both the State Assembly and the Senate. Consequently, it was expected that bills could be stream-lined through the process because of limited legislative opposition.

However, no one expected that Committee Chairs would be allowed to kill a bill before it even came to the committee by refusing to place it on the agenda. No discussion, no debate and no vote. This is what happened to a bill that would have lowered the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level from .08% to .05% for DUI.

It was expected that the Alcohol industry would oppose this bill, and we were ready to fight them on it. But, the decision of one member, Assembly Member R. Jones Sawyer, from the Los Angeles area, determined there would be no consideration of this life-saving legislation.

It is a sad time when a bill cannot even be debated!

Our Task and Mission

The CalCAP family, which includes the California Council on Alcohol Problems (CalCAP), the Alcohol-Narcotic Education Foundation of California(ANEF) and the California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion (CCAGE), is a statewide, faith based organization that seeks to prevent the moral, economic, scientific and social problems caused by alcohol and gambling.

This is done through research, education, advocacy and lobbying. 

Thus, we raise the awareness of these problems among the people, and address the legislature regarding alcohol and gambling issues.

We are funded entirely by gifts from denominations, churches, church groups and individuals. We do not receive any financial support from any governmental agency or political party. 

If you would like to be part of our information network, arrange for a program or preaching date, or support our work throughout California, please contact us below.

Contact Us

California Council on Alcohol Problems
803 Vallejo Drive
Phone: 916-441-1844
Fax: 916-721-2722
E-mail: calcapdirector@gmail.com
Rev. James B. Butler

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